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  On a site you will  find interesting circuits and  a lot of the  important information on  different themes. Here the most  actual and important  data are resulted from what is published in the Internet.   Copyrights belong to authors.  All  materials, basically, are modified and edited. If the author is not specified, the material means  is taken from foreign sources  or is published in the Internet without the instruction of the author. Remarks are accepted. If you have something original for the publication - send.  The circuit should be working and not so complex.   The help data  are accepted without restrictions. Here you too can place, for a general review own development, announcements,  and also to get the personal page.


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 The True Face of the FIU in Seychelles - Privacy within the business sector can be a difficult subject. On one hand, everyone wants confidentiality for their own finances. On the other, sometimes people need information about outright corruption and fraud to come out.

Help information - various help information: galvanic elements, units of measurements, specific resistance, magnetic permeability, a designation of diodes, etc.

  Advice the radio engineering - oldering of aluminium and its alloys, useful advice, preparation of chloric iron, electricity guide glue, advice of the master, etc.

  Advice radio fan - processing of metals, glasses,
organic glass that it is necessary to know about radio components, installation of radio equipment, adjustment of the equipment and elimination of malfunctions.

  Power supplies  Help material  on   pulse  single-cycle  and  duple  converters  of a voltage,  pulse  power  supplies  of various capacity and  linear  voltage  stabilizers.

  Radioelements   Electrical and operational properties


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